How can I help you?

I call that my magic question...because if you ask someone that question...and then be very quiet...they will tell you EXACTLY how you can help them.  It works with children, clients and everyone else.  That's what I want to ask you...

Because I know with absolute certainty that I was put on this planet to touch hearts.  I am not a clinician of any type...I am simply The Greatful Dad.  And yes...I know that Greatful is misspelled.  Because it should be GREAT to be a Dad or parent!!! Teachers told me to write books years ago because my children were so different in Grade School.  They said they all watched over ALL the other children in their classes.    If you want to hear a passionate voice in regards to the path of love and kindness we should be laying down for our children to find our hearts... you've found it!  Npw...how can I help you???