My Mission!

My goal is very simple...I want and NEED to change the world...while I am still here!

After learning about ACEs on NPR about 4 years ago...my perspective of the world changed dramatically!  And yours will too...I PROMISE!  The ACE Study shows that the trauma of youth not only affects the emotional well being of children, but has SIGNIFICANT impact on the health of everyone of us...for a lifetime.  My goal is to share the empathetic side of ACEs.  You can find tons of data and research these days by simply searching the internet. Yet, if you learn about ACEs only from the clinical side of things...it may leave you with a profound sadness at the number of people on our planet have been and will be impacted by the trauma inflicted by parents on their children.   

I am one of the rare and lucky people on the planet...I have ZERO ACEs.  My focus is on the PREVENTION of and RESILIENCE to  ACEs.  The planet is in need of a new perspective.  We need to be fully proactive and less reactive to the effects of parenting skills.  I was blessed with maybe the two finest parents in history and my life has been a daily"pay it forward" of all the kindness and support they gave their four sons.  I believe I have passed on that legacy to my 3 sons.  It is the most important legacy I will leave after I am gone...that is what I want to share with the world!