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I help create a caring family culture at your school, work and home.

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Having had two of the finest parents who ever existed, created a tribe of individuals with many different personalities, with the central theme of helping support everyone with the words and actions that build self-esteem from the day they are born.


Understanding that success can be measured in many different ways can allow someone to measure the value of monetary wealth vs. the psychic compensation that comes from caring for others on a daily basis. Having been told repeatedly by family, friends, teachers and acquaintances that the Trayser tribe shares their hearts in a way that impacts others in ways that make everyone feel like their life matters a bit more because someone truly cares for them. There is no other agenda. There is not a desired return from the kindness they exude, simply the caring creates a win-win for all of their relationships. It can be measured by their own family prayer:

Let us be grateful for the spirit that holds a family together,

For the infinite beauty of our EARTH,
And for the opportunity to make one new friend each day,
Through kindness and giving without measure,
For if we pass this way but once, it will be the only legacy we l

You have never met anyone like John Trayser! His enthusiasm for life and relationships will amaze you! I steal many of his ideas and use them often in my own business and life.

D. Foth- HP


About John

Who knew that a third grade teacher’s conference could change my life’s direction in such a rewarding manner? On a chilly February morning in 1996, my son’s third grade teacher asked my wife, son and I to be her first conference for a 2 day schedule of meetings with parents. As we sat down in the small chairs to start, she thanked us for being the first conference because she said she appreciated how helpful we were to her efforts. I loved field trips, reading to the kids or playing my guitar and making up funny songs when she was exhausted on a Friday afternoon.


She then said that in 22 years of teaching she had never had a student like our Jared in her classroom. She described how amazing it was to observe him watching over every other student in her classroom with a spirit that said “Shouldn’t we all be watching over each other?” She said our first grade son’s teacher said the same thing about Austin in her class. She then said these life changing words to me…”If you could ever write down what you said or did to make your children act that way…you’d be the teacher’s best friend forever, because it’s getting harder every year to control the classroom.”

That’s where my new journey started. I took off a week’s work and wrote my first book…The Parenting Instruction Book. I wrote down everything that I could think of that influenced my childhood and what I had passed on to my 3 sons. Someone at NPR got a copy of it and had me doing call in shows for about 8 years as The Greatful Dad. With 3 albums of recorded songs about family as well, I was invited to move to Nashville for a PBS TV show…Musicians Behaving Dadly! Sadly, the funding fell through as we arrived. So I decided to drive for Uber and give away 250 books. Somehow, connections were made with the ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) board in Nashville and attended meetings and started speaking about ACEs around the country. I have done full day programs, speeches to schools about ACEs and was recently asked to be on the board for the new effort here in Tennessee…Resilience TN.

Like Oprah discovered, helping others understand the paradigm shift in trauma informed care from, What’s going on with you?…as opposed to…What’s wrong with you?…can change the entire culture of a school. It makes you want to shout to the world the pragmatic connection between emotional childhood issues and physical well-being, on the rest of your life. These days I am trying to spend less time talking about ACEs and more time talking about ACEs prevention. I have tied together a few tools to help kids find a way to make school a warm and caring community where the goal is to teach them how to watch over others…just like my third grade teacher asked me to write. I like to involve teachers, staff and students to realize they can create a warm caring community that makes all students feel like they matter. It seems to be more important all the time because of how few students feel that connection at home these days.


That’s why I am a speaker you should hire. I was blessed with the sincerity and enthusiasm to help others see how rewarding watching over others can feel. People will stand in line for an hour to get a hug or share a short story after I speak. I feel blessed to give away my heart…


John's Talks

Creating a Caring Family Culture at School, Work & Home

This program gives an introduction to the subject of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) to teachers, staff and students. Not too much on the science of ACEs, but more focus on the risk we all face having any childhood traumas affecting our well-being going forward each day.


The main focus is to help students feel safer and more comfortable coming to school each day and working hard to establish/re-establish connections to the parents at home. This program is most effective when the parents come in for an evening session to learn about what their children heard at school that day, that might help them find a way to build a path to their child’s heart.


The important paradigm shift from…What’s wrong with you? What’s happened to you?... is the goal for all to understand.

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The Parenting Instruction Book

This presentation is the result of so many parents, teachers and friends continually asking why the 3 Trayser boys all seem to have the self-confidence, esteem, desire and ability to share their hearts in a way that creates a path directly to the heart of others. The book lists 206 things you can say or do to let your children know how deeply you care about them.


At times very serious and at times funny, in the number of ways that you can let others know that you care. This effort is designed to enlighten those parents and children exactly what it takes to help your child develop self-esteem from a very early age. Building a path, not a wall with your daily actions and words is the most important part of parenting that seems to have been swallowed up by our modern day love of all things related to wealth and social media.


This is simply the guide book to building a path directly to the heart in ALL of your relationships.

The Impact of ACEs on all of us

This presentation in a general introduction to those who are unfamiliar with the very hot topic of Trauma Informed Care based on the findings of the continuing Study of ACEs and the impact it has on all of us in our daily lives.


Even is your score is a ZERO, your understanding of the subject will allow you to form a new perspective on every relationship you have and how to better form new relationships given the number of people who don’t know anything about ACEs. I’ve done full day programs for teachers and staff.

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John's Testimonials

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John speaks from his soul with a passion for building meaningful connections and healing hurt hearts. His authenticy is evident as he shares anecdotes from his own youth and years of raising his own family. His unbridled enthusiasm is contagious and soon has you convinced that we really can make this a better world.

P. Staroske …Teacher

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John’s addition to our Resilience TN board will help us focus on how to prevent ACEs going forward. His enthusiasm for the welfare of children is amazing given that his ACE score is ZERO. Paying it forward is simply his way of life for the love he knew growing up.

K. Gonzales…TCCY Regional Coordinator

I did business for years with John, but his speech about relationships had me wishing I invited everyone I knew to come along and be uplifted by his heart and kindness.

T. Kothe- Old Second Bank

Amazing Speaker! He made me feel like I was someone and that my thoughts and feelings mattered. John makes me want to be a better person, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter and counselor! Thank You!

Megan Jevne- School Counselor


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